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Alcohol-free definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
The Sun 2010. But rational hope is like alcohol-free lager. Times, Sunday Times 2012. Today will be an alcohol-free day. The Sun 2007. A lot of people already have two alcohol-free days a week but still drink more than is safe.
Best Non-alcoholic Beers And Wines The Alcohol-Free Shop.
The" Alcohol-Free Shop helped me go teetotal by providing a great range of grown up drinks which are far better alternatives than standard soft drinks. On top of that, their price and service is first class, these are people who really care about their customers."
I'm' halfway through an alcohol-free year. Could you do it? Lea Emery The Guardian.
In pubs, bars and restaurants, the disdain for sober Januariers is palpable. Well, I've' taken it a step further: I'm' over seven months into an alcohol-free year. This idea seemed to be a conceptual hurdle to everyone I told in London.

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